Star Trek: The Next Generation: 20th Century Computers and How They Worked: the Official Starfleet History of Computers

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ISBN-10: 1567612571
ISBN-13: 978-1567612578
Length: 161
Published On: 1993-08-01

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Go where you’ve never gone before… deep into the micro-universe inside your personal computer. The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise leads you and 24th Century Starfleet Academy students on a fascinating journey through the interior of a 20th century PC.

Probe the mystery of how a PC turns electricity into data that it can process, store, and transmit to other computers.

Explore how information travels from a keyboard or mouse through the system to the monitor and printer.

Learn what the silicon chips that make up computer memory look like and how they work.

Investigate the software [programs] that drives the computer’s operation.

Seek out the beginnings of the information age – cybernetics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, fuzzy logic, and more. Compare 20th Century computer technology to the computer technology used on the Starship Enterprise.