Star Trek: The Experience: To Boldly Go…

ISBN-13: 978-0966140804
Length: 32
Published On: 1997-01-01

Franchise: , , ,
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Star Trek: The Experience Begins

The most exciting adventure imaginable!

Are you a die-hard fan who can quote stardates and missions as well as alien genealogy? Or a devotee of one of the series – was it the Original? Or maybe you’re a fan of Picard and the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Does your heart belong to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? Or are you traveling with Janeway on the U.S.S. Voyager? Now Star Trek: The Experience is the most important adventure of their 30-year history.

For the First Time Ever!

Star Trek: The Experience is launching fans, soon-to-be-fans, and ride aficionados, as well as the more-than-mildly curious off in search of that Final Frontier.

Finally a chance to go, boldly, where no one has gone before: The 24th-century. Here. Now. Alive. Interactive. And surprising.

And this special commemorative book, To Boldly Go…, is the exclusive behind-the-scenes sneal preview of the art, artifacts, and excitement in store for every adventurer. All in this Limited Collectors’ Edition.

Join us for the experience of your life.