Star Trek – Food Recipes from the Replicator: The Most Delicious Dishes from Star Trek TV Series

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Length: 79
Published On: 2020-04-14
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Almost everyone in the world enjoyed the Star Trek Movies and TV series. Actually, the new ones are great too. However, there is one amazing way to experience the adventure and excitement through food.

Food, aroma, and taste are the best thing to give you the feeling like you are in the movie, living together with Starfleet officers. Taking part in important missions and exploring the galaxy.

Until we can use food from other planets and dishes created by our fellow aliens we must use our imagination, the scene from the episodes to create the food they eat.

While it wasn’t an easy task, it was a great one. I enjoyed every step I took, especially the last one, tasting the recipe.

Get this book immediately and experience Star Trek from a whole new perspective.

The Star Trek TV Series You will get recipes for:

• The Next Generation
• Deep Space Nine
• Voyager
• Enterprise