Making Fake Star Trek: The True Story of a Star Trek Fan Film with The Real Walter Koenig

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ISBN-10: 1090757867
ISBN-13: 978-1090757869
Length: 467
Published On: 2019-04-04

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Imagine sitting at the bridge of the Enterprise. Your yellow tunic is crisp, the captain is seated behind you, and your fingers hover over the multi-colored buttons, ready to fly the ship. You look up into a gigantic camera and deliver lines written by DC Fontana. That’s when you wonder: is this real Star Trek?

Follow two young actors as they fly off on a runaway adventure with the sci-fi franchise they grew up loving. In 2005, Andy Bray and John Lim portrayed Chekov and Sulu in Star Trek: New Voyages, a fan film continuation of the original Star Trek. This is the behind the scenes, crazy, true story of making “To Serve All My Days,” a fake Star Trek episode with Trekkies, professionals, Oscar-winners, an Elvis impersonator, and starring a real living legend: Walter Koenig. Will “To Serve All My Days” break out of orbit or stay dry docked? Find out in this rip-roaring voyage that’s even more unbelievable than what’s on the script. This may be fake Star Trek, but their stories are real and out of this world.