Star Trek: 8 Black Fire

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ISBN-10: 067165747X
ISBN-13: 978-0671657475
Length: 192
Published On: 1983-01-01

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An explosion rocks the bridge of the Enterprise. Most of the trainees are dead, shielding the main crew members. Captain James T. Kirk lays close to death. Spock takes a piece of shrapnel in the back right beside his spine. After Doctor Bones McCoy removes the metal, he informs Spock that a sliver still remains close to his spine and that Spock will need to become sufficiently healthy enough so that he can be operated on again to remove the sliver. Spock ignores Bones’ advice and walks out of sick bay and gets together with Mister Scott, the Chief Engineer. Together, they gather some evidence that points to a stranger being on board and planting the bomb.