Kate Mulgrew Discusses “How To Forget” With TrekMovie.com

kate mulgrew how to forget header 777 300x169 Kate Mulgrew Discusses How To Forget With TrekMovie.com

TrekMovie recently featured Kate Mulgrew to discuss her new memoir “How To Forget“:

O Captain! My Captain! They say you’re not supposed to meet your heroes, but what happens when you do, and your hero is everything you wanted her to be, and more? Here’s what happens: you get swept up in her thoughtful eloquence, not to mention the way she says your name throughout your discussion, and then must live with the regret of all the questions you didn’t ask as you rode the joyful waves of finally getting to have a conversation with her.

Check out the Kate Mulgrew author page to view other sightings and a full list of books!

no profile Kate Mulgrew Discusses How To Forget With TrekMovie.com
Author: Adam Selvidge

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