Star Trek: The Last Roundup

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ISBN-10: 074344910X
ISBN-13: 978-0743449106
Length: 352
Published On: 2003-06-03

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Retirement finally beckons for Captain James T. Kirk — but his days of heroism and adventure are far from over in a classic tale of intrigue, destiny and danger. A story of Kirk and his long-time associates in the twilight years of his Starfleet career. The crew of the Enterprise brace themselves for a cataclysmic disruption in space-time existence, and race against time to save the universe. Having reached the end of his Starfleet career, Captain James T. Kirk prepares to retire, only to find that his status as a galactic hero will follow him wherever he goes. As he, Scotty and Chekhov join in the development of a new colony on a planet in a remote corner of Federation space, the devious Falorians appear to have something up their sleeves. When Kirk and his colleagues start getting suspicious, they must take matters into their own hands as this edge-of-the-seat adventure unfolds.