Star Trek Nerd Search: The Next Generation

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Think you know Star Trek: The Next Generation like no fan has done before? Well make it so and take up our unique puzzle challenge!

Following the hit ‘Quibbles with Tribbles,’ here comes the sequel …STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. This Nerd Search takes your favorite show and adds annoying mistakes that only a true Trek Nerd could spot! This is next level ‘Where’s Waldo,’ for the fanatical adult fan.

In this fully-illustrated book, the Borg have created time-travelling Chaos-Cubes that break down reality as we know it. You must spot the cubes, and save Picard’s voyages as we know them.

On another level of complexity, the reader must spot five CONTINUITY ERRORS caused by the Chaos Cubes, like characters in the wrong costume, or scene … or series!

Finally, we have hidden ten random items from every season of Next Gen in every scene. Spot these rogue elements and name the episode if you can!

Also spot 5 Super Quibbles, for the next level fan. These are things that only fans who peer behind the scenes will know about!

We will be revisiting classic episodes like Best of Both Worlds, The Big Goodbye and Encounter at Farpoint. Watch out for sneaky Ferengi, hairy Klingons, and quirky ‘Q’ madness.

Top score is the magic number of 11001001. If you want to prove you are the greatest Next Generation expert ever, here’s your chance to make it so!