New Voyages: The Next Generation Guidebook

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Length: 168
Published On: 1991-10-01

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Overcoming skeptical fans and critics alike who believed that a Star Trek without Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock would never work, Star Trek: The Next Generation is more popular than ever, having already filmed 100 episodes, while preparing to warp into its fifth season.

New Voyages: The Next Generation Guidebook provides credits, original airdates, synopses and reviews of every show of the first four seasons. The reader is taken on a guided tour through the 24th century via the commentaries of the show’s various writers, directors, producers and cast members, who fought against overwhelming odds to rise above mediocrity and achieve phenomenal success.

Those interviewed include:

Dorothy Fontana – John D.F. Black – Jonathan Frakes – Herb Wright – Marina Sirtis – Tracy Torme – Michael Dorn – Maurice Hurley – Rob Legato – Rob Bowman – Joseph Scanlan – Jennifer Hetrick – Rick Berman – John de Lancie – Hannah Louise Shearer – Cliff Bole – Les Landau – Michael Reaves – Corey Allen – Paul Lynch – Katharyn Powers – Michael Baron – Robert Lewin – David Livingston – Melinda Snodgrass – Colm Meaney – Robert Iscove – Ron Moore – Richard Krzemien – Michael Piller – and more.

This is the complete saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation, culminating in an exclusive preview of its all-new fifth season.