History of the Vessel Enterprise: From the 16th to the 24th Century

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On The Cover: ISBN-10: 0962943231
ISBN-13: 978-0962943232
Length: 128
Published On: 1992-12-01

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Enterprise, a prestigious name that evokes high adventure in the minds of most. There have been over 150 craft to carry this glorious name, and in this square bound volume you get the individual history of each one. From Schooners, Blimps, Space shuttles, Aircraft carriers and of course, the flagship of Starfleet in the 24th century, the amazing genesis of a legend is chronicled.

Years of painstaking research went into this fine comprehensive effort. The research included obscure U.S. and international documents. The histories of each vessel were gleaned from the actual ship logs (whenever possible).

All this makes the book an accurate accounting of all the various “Enterprises” voyages, armament, size, etc. Ships bearing this name have been instrumental in changing the course of history many times and now you have a chance to have it all archived and placed in your personal library.

This is truly a look at adventure on a grand scale.