All About Star Trek Fan Clubs #3

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On The Cover: Length: 66
Published On: 1977-06-01
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Number 1 Star Trek Fan (pull out poster) (inside front and back covers)
The Communicator, letters to the editor (The space between each letter has “chirp” written. The editor writes that “Each issue of ALL ABOUT STAR TREK FAN CLUBS we flip open the communicator and share with you the messages we receive. The “chirp” you may hear at the start of each message is the sound of our communicator being activated.”) (4)
William Shatner: Then, a filmography (8)
Now: An Evening With William Shatner by Anthony John Tallarico (a description of Shatner’s appearance at Hofstra University Playhouse on November 10, 1976: “There was a crowd of over 1,000 fans outside the doors of the Playhouse waiting to enter the second performance of “The World of William Shatner”. It Was a cold night and the crowd was eager to see the famous Captain Kirk. When we finally entered we were surrounded by Trek merchandise for sale, displayed on various tables. The show opened with a short cut-version of the episode “Shore Leave”. At first the film kept breaking, but the crowd took it with good humor. The film started and the crowds went wild when the simple words “Star Trek” appeared on the large ten foot screen. The applause was even louder when the name “William Shatner” appeared on the screen. Everyone enjoyed the funny and strange episode, “Shore Leave”. As soon as the film came to an end, a figure walked out on the stage. This figure had dark, curly hair. He wore a dark shirt and pants with a thin gold necklace around his neck. Then the spotlight shone on this man’s face. It was William Shatner!”) (14)
The Women of Star Trek: Those Fantastic Stars (“With the fantastic cooperation of Virginia Walker and the Nichelle Nichols Fan Club we are able to feature not only the two main female stars of Star Trek — Nichelle Nichols and Majel Barrett—but we also feature young ladies who are first rate Trekkers: Connie Faddis, Joni Wagner, Elizabeth Marshall, Gee Moaven, and the “first officer” of the Nichelle Nichols Fan Club (she hates the term “president”), Virginia Walker. We will first review the two female stars of Trek with biographies and pictures. We have Nichelle’s astrological chart, some candid shots, two of her poems, and a record jacket portrait. Carrying out our theme of the women of Trek, we then present a portfolio by Joni Wagner of some of the female characters of the series. Another outstanding artist featured is Elizabeth Marshall who shares here some of her Vulcan animals with us, especially her favorite Sehlet. Our third young lady artist is Gee Moaven who we hope you will see more of on these pages in the future. Finally, we present a brief biography of Virginia Walker, the first officer who put us into contact with Nichelle and all these other wonderful women of Star Trek.”) (20)
two poems by Nichols, both illustrated by Connie Faddis, one being the cover of Furaha #5. The poems are “The Lady’s Alone Again Tonight” (reprinted from Furaha #3 (1975) and “Oh, The Things You Can Feel.” (regarding Connie Faddis: “Connie Faddis is one of the few married ladies in the ST artists world. She said she didn’t mind if we said so. She is one of the best known ST creative artists and writers in fandom. We don’t mind if we say so. She publishes INTERPHASE, the famous and priceless silk screened zine. She has won many prizes in costume calls at the cons, and last year won second prize in the dance contest of the Bicentennial Con 10. Is there anything this creative lady cannot do?”) (21)
Majel Barrett (31)
Those Fantastic Characters: 14 Women of Star Trek, art portfolio by Joni Wagner (34)
Those Fantastic Fans
Gee Moaven (38)
Elizabeth Marshall (40)
Virginia Walker (42)
Those Fantastic Clubs: The Nichelle Nichols Fan Club (30)
Fan Clubs List (46)
Fanzine Facts (48)
a review of Vulcan Reflections
a review of Sub-Space #4
a review of The Prime Directive
The Players Who Made Star Trek (50)
Index of Episode Abbreviations (57)
The Aliens of Star Trek: A Survey of Literature (60)
In Memoriam: Jeffrey Hunter (62)
Great Sci-Fi Films, part two (63)
Spock Relaxes (66)