Trek: Deep Space Nine

ISBN-10: 1556983549
ISBN-13: 978-1-55698-354-2
Paperback Page Count: 120
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  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes Visit to the Set
  • Revealing Profiles of the Actors and Actresses
  • Biographies of the Major Characters
  • Unique Look at the Scripts and Episodes

Deep Space Nine continues the adventure of Star Trek in a direction never before taken. It is the vehicle to usher in Star Trek’s next 25 years, but it is very different from any of its predecessors. This crew doesn’t serve aboard the Enterprise or any other starship. Instead, the action occurs aboard a space station. It is a darker and grittier Star Trek.

For the first time in print, Trek: Deep Space Nine reveals the complete behind the scenes tale of the creation of the new series. Learn how each major character was developed. Explore each of their fantastic voyages. Observe as the starship is built. Meet the actors, actresses, and creative staff that bring the adventures to life.

Trek: Deep Space Nine explores the beginnings of this new science fiction series and places it firmly within the context of the Star Trek universe.