The Ultimate Star Trek Quiz Book

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ISBN-10: 0062733214
ISBN-13: 978-0062733214
Paperback Page Count: 192
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From the pilot for the original series to the latest episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book” provides you with the opportunity to test your knowledge of the entire spectrum of Star Trek lore. Inside you’ll find the answers to hundreds of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and mix-and-match questions like these: William Shatner was not NBC’s first choice for the role of Captain Kirk. Who was? (a) Robert Conrad (b) Charlton Heston (c) Lloyd Bridges (d) George Peppard (e) George C. Scott (f) Clint Eastwood Which Star Trek: The Next Generation actor played his character’s grandfather in Star Trek VI? Which two members of the cast of the original Star Trek television series have written and published comic books? Which of these well-known children’s TV personalities wrote a script for a Star Trek episode? (a) Mr. Rodgers (b) Bob West (Barnery the Dinosaur) (c) Jim Henson (d) Shari Lewis (e) Mr. Wizard (f) Diver Dan Covering all three television series, as well as the Star Trek movies and novels, “The Ultimate Unauthorized Star Trek Quiz Book” is indeed the ultimate Star Trek quiz book.