The Trekker’s Guide to The Next Generation: Complete, Unauthorized, and Uncensored

ISBN-10: 0761505733
ISBN-13: 978-0761505730
Paperback Page Count: 288
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The second coming of Star Trek

1966 The first Star Trek pilot, “The Cage,” is aired.

1977 Star Trek II, a new television show featuring the original cast, is proposed — and never made.

1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the first in what would become a long line of feature films, is released.

1987 A totally new Star Trek television show premieres — a show that would become one of the most popular syndicated series of all time, spawning two more Trek-inspired shows and starting another series of successful feature films. Star Trek: The Next Generation is born — and science fiction television is changed forever.

The Trekker’s Guide to The Next Generation reveals what went into — and what was left out of — the seven television seasons and two feature films about the crew of the second Enterprise. Hal Schuster, a long-time, prominent chronicler of the Star Trek phenomenon, details just how the show was created, and how it changed following the death of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. He traces the history of The Next Generation from the cancellation of a popular program to the beginnings of a box-office serial smash.

Using information culled from interviews, the show’s own bible, and other sources, The Trekker’s Guide to The Next Generation takes you inside the popular phenomenon. Read character profiles and biographies of the actors who brought them to life. Get plot summaries for each of the 177 television episodes and get an insider’s look at guest stars, innovators, and bloopers. Learn what happened between James T. Kirk’s command and the debut of the new Enterprise with Captain Jean-Luc Picard. at the helm. Review Star Trek science, comparing factual physics and the writers’ flights of fancy.

Totally unauthorized and uncensored, The Trekker’s Guide to The Next Generation tells you what the producers at Paramount Pictures don’t want you to know!

Hal Schuster is the author of The Trekker’s Guide to Voyager (Prima) and Trek: The Unauthorized A to Z. He is the former editor and publisher of Enterprise Incidents and Comics Features magazines.