The Star Trek Top Ten Book

ISBN-10: 1456861638
ISBN-13: 978-1456861636
Paperback Page Count: 270
Hardcover Page Count: 272
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10. It gives Tom Paris his just desserts.

9. Chicks dig a Star Trek geek who can recite this book from memory.

8. It’s required reading at the [Starfleet] Academy.

7. What it lacks in Star Wars and South Park references, it makes up for in references to Jeopardy and Jerry Springer.

6. Like a collector’s plate, this book is bound to go up in value for unknown reasons.

5. Buying this book would be better than buying it as a book on CD read by Ben Stein.

4. Four out of five Vulcans agree “it’s the logical thing to do.”

3. Just to validate what the critics say about us. That we have way too much time on our hands.

2. Wouldn’t this copy look finer when autographed by Jeri Ryan?

1. There may not be another one of these written.