Secret Fighting Arts of the Warrior Race Volume 1 – betleH yIqel

ISBN-10: 1890065005
ISBN-13: 978-1-890065-00-3
Paperback Page Count: 176
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Throughout the galaxy, the mighty Klingon race is known for its ruthless skill in battle. Now, the secrets of their most sacred weapon of honor, betleH yIqel, is revealed for the first time! The great Klingon betleH Master, HetaQ, takes you through step-by-step instruction on the proper use of the betleH!

Not just science fiction, the betleH techniques within this book are based on real martial arts! Actual training exercises from the martial arts have been used to create this unique fusion of science fiction and true fighting arts. Written for the dedicated Star Trek fan, the Martial Arts enthusiast and the Klingon in you!