Fate, Hope & Thak

ISBN-10: 1732071101
ISBN-13: 978-1732071100
Paperback Page Count: 260
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Captain Kurk and Doctor MaCoy rescue and befriend a roguishly charming slave, known as Thak. Thak possesses psychic and telekinetic abilities which enables him to survive on primitive worlds, with their bizarre predatory beasts and exotically lethal environments. Under Mr. Sprock’s tutelage, Thak becomes enlightened from Stone Age knowledge to Space Age awareness of the United Coalition of Planets and the Galaxies endless possibilities. Now armed with a new found purpose, can Thak convince Star Corp to free his fellow slaves without starting an Interplanetary War? Will Thak, with the aid of the ‘Interprize’, discover the coordinates to the legendary ‘FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH’? Or will the secrets of prolonged life forever remain a mystery, never to be solved? ‘FATE, HOPE & THAK’ is a must read for those yearning of days gone by when the rapport between their beloved characters were filled with warmth, wit and humor.