A Tribute to James Doohan: “Scotty”: A Reference

ISBN-10: 1418429317
ISBN-13: 978-1418429317
Paperback Page Count: 240
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A Tribute to James Doohan “Scotty” is a reference book designed especially for fans of Star Trek. Many years of hard work and diligent research has been compiled together into what rests between the covers of this book. Here one will find many facts, lots of trivia, and bios of your favorite actors and characters in the world of Star Trek. This book serves as a reference for those who are looking to discover facts that one may have overlooked over the years. There is also trivia for those who like to test their knowledge as it relates to the world of Star Trek. Do you know the words to the Star Trek theme music? No? They’re in here. Ever wanted to make a Vulcan or Klingon food dish? Check out the recipes in here. Do you know the Articles and General Orders of the Federation? No? They are in this book. It is never too late to join the vast world of Star Trek, so join in with many others and see what this book has to offer. This reference book is written as a Tribute to Doohan (as well as Nimoy) who we’ve all grown to love and respect.